How to Begin…

Get in contact with us and we will allocate a suitable therapist for your child and family’s needs.

We will then organise a meeting to discuss your concerns in one of our clinic playrooms. These sessions are an opportunity for you and your therapist to gain an understanding of your child and are an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have. You are welcome to meet with us at anytime during the course of your child’s therapy to discuss any needs that you may have, without your child present.

After your initial session, we make recommendations on moving forward and then suitably schedule your child’s sessions with consideration of your family’s needs and schedule. We usually set your child’s sessions for the duration of the school term to ensure adequate and ongoing services can be provided on the days and times you have requested (these can be adjusted as required). We welcome your input and questions along the way and this helps us to fine tune your child’s sessions to further meet their goals and achieve success.