Now Offering Telehealth Sessions!


What is it?

Telehealth is term used for the online platform used to delivery therapy sessions and consultations over the internet or telephone.

Shine Kids Therapy Clinic will be using Coviu as our platform as it is an Australian based company where all clients are covered by our Government’s privacy laws and restrictions. Also, at this time, we wish to support as many Australian based businesses as we can. Coviu do not store data therefore your privacy and security is assured.

Details on Coviu can be found at


How does it work?

Telehealth is where we interact with you and conduct your therapy session via a screen (laptop, iPad, etc). You don’t need to do anything and there are no downloads or costs involved for clients.

Shine Kids Therapy Clinic will send you an invite via email and you will simply click on the link and the screen with load on your browser ready for your Telehealth therapy session with your therapist.

You can use any browser on your laptop, phone or iPad/tablet such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. as long as it has a camera and microphone.


What do I need?

You will need a screen (laptop, computer, iPad, smartphone) with a webcam/camera and microphone. If you have a webcam you will most likely have a microphone on your device.

Also keep your phone close in case we need to call you if we or you are running slightly late or there’s a tech issue. Coviu has a ‘waiting area’, so if we are you are running slightly late, you can wait on the screen, take a small break and listen to some music.


Where to from here?

We will set up a free initial tech trial for everyone where Kathryn or you therapist will contact you to ensure all systems are working correctly and to gain familiarity with the technology. We are learning along with you, too so please be patient with us if you get it but we don’t!

We are recommending to begin with that the consultation sessions are keep to approximately 30 minutes. The therapists have a lot to do behind the scenes to organise your online sessions to ensure that the planned sessions are meeting you and your child’s needs. In the beginning we will be retaining the indirect support standard fee per session so that we can prepare for the online sessions (generally a total cost of a 60-minute session). This will reduce after the first few sessions and by then the direct contact will also increase to 45-60 mins sessions where possible.

Telehealth therapy sessions can also be conducted just for parents who wish to discuss with therapists some at home strategies, techniques, or general advice on what to do and how to keep going during some tough times at home, especially now that everyone will be at home for some length of time.

If you feel Telehealth is not for you and your family, you can cease the sessions at any time.

We will send a schedule detailing you or your child’s online therapy appointments. These can be changed, extras added, or deleted as required. Please be aware that unfortunately the therapists at Shine Kids Therapy Clinic are on reduced hours so there may be some limitation to availability of some time slots for online therapy sessions. 

If you have any questions or concerns, Jenny (Director/Psychologist) and Kathryn (Receptionist) are available throughout the current closure time to assist families through these times. You can call to discuss any issues with any therapist at Shine Kids Therapy Clinic on (03) 9887 4586. Please leave a message the phone is unable to be answered at the time and your call will be returned.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Kind Regards,

Jenny Farrell (Psychologist/Director), Kathryn Griggs (Receptionist), Sophia Thomas & Tak Wai Lai (Occupational Therapists), and Natasha McVicar (Speech Pathologist).