If your child requires a formal assessment we will guide your through the process and provide professional reports to assist with diagnoses, NDIS, and school funding.


Some formal assessment options include:
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder – our psychologists will assess your child’s development, our speech pathologists will assess your child’s language skills, and our occupational therapists will assess your child’s sensory needs. Together, a complete assessment of your child’s presentation and development is completed using the most updated and professionally accepted test equipment available. professional diagnostic reports are provided with recommendations to assist caregivers, teachers, and other professionals involved in the care of your child. 
  • Cognitive and Educational Assessments – are completed by one of our psychologists and will involve a formal intellectual assessment providing IQ scores as well as cognitive strengths and weaknesses.  Educational assessments look at a child’s overall level of academic achievement in key learning areas and results are generally used to determine literacy and numeracy learning disabilities or in acceleration/gifted education. 
  • Speech and Language Assessments – are completed by one of our speech pathologists and will involve a formal assessment of your child’s receptive, expressive language skills, and may also including early literacy or pragmatic skills.  
  • Sensory Profile Assessments – usually completed by one of our occupational therapists and will look at your child’s sensory tolerances, such as food, clothing, environment, senses, sleeping, etc. 
  • Developmental Assessments – completed by either one of our psychologists or occupational therapists (depending on the referral question), we will assess your child’s developmental levels across skill sets, such as cognition and play, behaviour regulation, social development, handwriting and key strength, etc.
  • School Funding Assessments – we can complete the assessments and reports required for your child to apply for additional funding/integration assistance at either government, catholic, or private schools.  

Our formal assessments are always kept affordable and reasonably priced for families seeking additional formal information about their child’s development.  Please contact us for prices and any funding options that may be available.