We offer a wide range of group programs to develop and promote your child’s confidence and skills in all areas of their development. Children can practice their new skills in a fun and supportive group setting along with their peers.

Our groups generally are up to six (6) children of similar age and development. A parenting component is usually also included in group programs so you can be involved in your child’s skill development.

Our ongoing programs include:

  • Social Skills – focusing on social and play development and enhancement. All ages
  • SOS Approach to Feeding (Fussy Eaters Program) – a play based program to teach children the skills they need in order to eat a wide variety of food types and textures using the natural, social reinforcement of playing with the food and interacting with adults. This approach is based on developmental steps, stages and skills of feeding found in typically developing children. It focuses on increasing a child’s comfort and confidence towards food and eating by teaching them about different properties of food. Parents will watch the therapists in the sessions to learn strategies and techniques.
  • Lego-Based Therapy – a social skills development program that uses LEGO to teach and encourage skills development. Ages 6 -16
  • Science Club – fun and interactive group where children build, interact, and plan their way through science based activities. Ages 6-16
  • Girls Club – positive social and emotional development program just for girls 8-13 years.
  • Holiday Clubs – Monster Meltdown, Intensive Science Club, Intensive Social Skills, Intensive School Readiness etc – operate during school holidays. All ages
  • School Readiness – for children starting school. An intensive skills group runs over the January school holidays and focuses on skills needed to help with a successful transition from kinder to big school. 
  • Zones of Regulation – designed for 6-12 year olds to learn about and manage their emotions.
  • Secret Agent Society – designed for 8-12 year olds and is a fun interactive group learning about social and emotional regulation and anxiety control.  
  • Cool Kids Anxiety Treatment Programs – 3 different programs with and without parenting components to teach kids and their parents about anxiety and it’s management.
  • Little Learners Love Literacy – an early literacy based program teaching 3-8 years olds foundation skills in literacy development. 
  • Hanen – wonderful language based programs for parents to learn communication and play skills with their children. Different types of Hanen programs are offered throughout the year.

Please check our website or Facebook page as programs will be advertised.

If you are interested in any of our programs please email us for more information.