Cool Kids Anxiety Treatment Programs

Cool Kids Anxiety Treatment Programs

Cool Kids Anxiety Treatment Program has two versions: Intensive and Standard. The Standard version includes three types Cool Kids Anxiety Treatment Program (age 7-12), Chilled Out Program for teenagers, and the Cool Kids Autism Specific Treatment Program.

The Cool Kids Program (standard) is designed to teach children how to understand and how to manage their anxieties. Two parent information (1hr) session are provided. It’s a fun program, with lots of opportunities for play, while learning important techniques. The program has been designed by Macquarie University and is empirically researched to produce effective results. It is based on psychological cognitive behaviour techniques.

The Cool Kids Program (Intensive) is designed for primary school aged children and their families. The course has 10 sessions (1hr)  for both children and their parents. The parent sessions can be condensed into four (4) 120 minute sessions. The Intensive Program is designed for families where other members also experience anxiety.


We recommend that children attend this course when they are experiencing mild to moderate anxiety symptoms. Children who are experiencing a high level of anxiety where it it influencing their participation in life, we recommend individual counselling with one of our exceptional psychologists, prior to attending a group. Cool Kids can be completed individually if children prefer, rather than a group.


Cool Kids Anxiety Program can be fully funded by the NDIS so no out of pocket expenses. Medicare rebates can also apply for eligible clients to reduce the overall cost of the program.  Maximum eight (8) children per group. Operated by one of our dedicated Psychologists and a Therapy Assistant.


The Cool Kids Programs is also available in a Cool Little Kids (kindergarten). Please visit our groups page for further details.