Anxiety Treatment Programs

Anxiety Treatment Programs

Our Anxiety Treatment Programs are age specific. We run a junior program (5-7 years), child program (7-12) and an adolescent version. Our programs also have an ASD group and a non-ASD group as the management strategies are designed and structured differently for children with ASD. Our Anxiety Treatment Programs are also available for parents with very young children (3-6 years) who are experiencing separation anxiety. Please contact us for further details about the parent anxiety program. 

The Anxiety Treatment Programs are designed to teach children how to understand and how to manage their anxieties. A parent information session is provided with handouts and information throughout the program. It’s a fun program, with lots of opportunities for play, while learning important techniques. Our program is based on cognitive behaviour techniques relaxation and mindfulness, and provides learning opportunities for understanding the brain and managing anxiety in everyday life.

The program run for between 6 and 8 sessions (this is based on the needs of the clients registered for the program as some children require more assistance than others).  The sessions run for 60 minutes with a home or school based activity to practice during the week.  

The Anxiety Treatment Programs can be fully funded by the NDIS. Medicare rebates can also apply for eligible clients.
Maximum six (6) children per group.
Operated by our dedicated Psychologists.

We recommend that children attend this course when they are experiencing mild to moderate anxiety symptoms. Children who are experiencing a high level of anxiety where it it influencing their participation in everyday life, we recommend individual counselling with one of our exceptional psychologists, prior to attending a group.