Lego®-Based Therapy

Lego®-Based Therapy

What is LEGO®-based therapy?

LEGO®-Based Therapy is a collaborative, play based social skills intervention designed to improve social competence in children with social difficulties. The intervention was originally created for use with children with autism, although its use has been widened to children with related conditions. 

The program is operated by a trained therapist where groups of three children are encouraged to build together
within set roles. Each child plays the role of an ‘Engineer’, an ‘Architect’, and a ‘Builder.’ Together they follow pictorial instructions to build a model. The assignment of roles allows the children to practice social interactions in a safe environment, and encourages the development of skills for social interaction. The role of the facilitator is to promote positive social interaction and skills for social competence. The sessions also include opportunities for more natural play in the form of free play construction. 

LEGO®-Based Therapy aims to:

  • Promote the development of appropriate social, communication, and play skills
  • Utilise children’s strengths to enhance their development


Who is LEGO®-Based Therapy suitable for?

Age range: LEGO®-Based Therapy has been used effectively with children aged 6- 16 years in research studies.
Who: LEGO®-Based Therapy was originally developed as an intervention to develop social competence in children with ASD, however, it is thought that it may also be helpful for children with social communication difficulties, anxiety, depression and adjustment disorder. 
How often will group sessions happen: Sessions occur once per week, and last for approximately 1 hour. The program usually runs for a term. Maximum 4 children per group (similar age and developmental level required)

Small group Lego®-Based Therapy is also offered as a school holiday program running for four sessions over the school holiday period.


How will I know if the intervention is right for my child?

LEGO®-Based Therapy was first created and researched by Psychologist Dr Dan LeGoff in 2004. Research has shown that LEGO®-Based Therapy is associated with improvements in social competence in children with autism.

Most children find construction club to be a positive experience, however, if you have any concerns once the intervention has started please speak with our therapist who can answer any queries you may have. 

Your child’s progress can be monitored to help identify your child’s strengths, where you may also be asked to complete a questionnaire.

If you would like to know more please speak to one of our helpful staff at Shine Kids Therapy Clinic. 


LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO group, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse LEGO®-based therapy.