Secret Agent Society

Secret Agent Society

Secret Agent Society is a 10 week program (9 weekly session and 1 follow up session). It is designed to enhance social skill development for 8-12 year old children.

The sessions are 90 minutes each. We have a maximum of six (6) children per group to ensure your child has adequate opportunities to learn the concepts and practice new skills.

Beginning – Term 2 2020
at Shine Kids Therapy Clinic – Knox City

Enrolments are now being taken for the world’s best social skills program for children with social and emotional difficulties. The program has shown to be highly effective in improving social development of children with Autism but even more effective for children without Autism!

The SAS program (small group) uses animated technology, spy gadgets and games to teach new social and emotional skills to children who struggle with friendships and feelings. SAS gives children step-by-step examples of how to make and keep friends, cope with bullying and deal with emotions such as anxiety and anger. It also uses a highly interactive spy-themed computer game with different levels of challenges and adventures so the sessions feel like fun, not therapy.

The program will operate for 9 weekly sessions with a follow up session in October 2020. Parents will also attend 9 weekly sessions (approx. 20-30 mins at the end of the children’s weekly classes). Teacher tip sheets, home missions, and a system to reward and monitor progress at home and school are required components of the program.

COST: $3150.00* (including SAS Family Kit with computer game)
(Medicare rebates and NDIS may apply)


Contact us to register your interest!

*includes intake meeting required for new clients to Shine Kids Therapy Clinic.