SOS Approach to Feeding Program (Fussy Eaters Program)

SOS Approach to Feeding Program (Fussy Eaters Program)

The SOS Approach to Feeding is a play based Program to teach children the skills they need in order to eat a wide variety of food types and textures using the natural, social reinforcement of playing with the food and interacting with adults. This approach is based on developmental steps, stages and skills of feeding found in typically developing children. It focuses on increasing a child’s comfort and confidence towards food and eating by teaching them about different properties of food. Parents will watch the therapists in the sessions via a Zoom link to learn strategies and techniques.

The SOS Program can be run in a group or individually:

  • Group Program  – 10 week Program. Group limited to 2-4 children (ages 18 months and older)

Children will have a therapy meal together. Parents are taught how to best help their child to eat and will observe the therapist work with their child via a Zoom link provided outside of the room. A parenting component is also offered as part of the course where parents will receive additional education sessions to assist home-based eating.

  • Individual Feeding Therapy Sessions. (Children 18 months and older)

You and your child will have a therapy meal with our trained therapist. Foods, plates, bottles, cups and utensils will be selected and provided by the therapist that will best help your child reach their eating goals. Individual parent sessions are also offered as part of the SOS Approach to Feeding Program.


The first session is between the feeding therapist and parent(s) to learn more about your child’s eating habits, what the main concerns are, and to identify feeding related goals for your child.

In subsequent feeding sessions, your feeding therapist will work with you and your child to learn about food in a manner that is fun for your child. One of the main aims of feeding therapy is to make food or meal times enjoyable or less stressful for the family so sessions involves purposeful play to learn about food. A parent is expected to be present throughout the feeding session. Each feeding session will be approximately 45 minutes long.



Children with extreme fussy eating or children with prior negative feeding experience (eg. Previous tube feeding, multiple allergies, reflux, pre-mature babies) may benefit from the SOS program.




​The Program may be appropriate for your child if they experience:

  • Mealtime distress
  • Food refusal
  • Eating a different meal from the rest of the family
  • Refusal of entire categories of food texture/nutrition groups
  • Reflux, choking, or gagging
  • Resistance moving to more textures
  • Older children with a selective diet


Programs can be funded using the NDIS or private fee.